Wednesday, May 23, 2012

San Alfonso del Mar: The Greatest Pool in the World

Algarrobo, Chile in South America on another side country of Pacific Ocean.
Called "The Crystal Lagoons"

I remembered and contact with the person from Chile where they were at the place that told it's not for tourism, or Hotel, that is only to living in the condominium only. That was from realtor estates that I talked on phone. 

And, it would be information at the link:

That's it for you to know... I know that are not enough to give some details!

Traveling to GO!  

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hello anyone! Welcome to Travel to Go!

Hey bloggers, anyone!

I love about going to travel anywhere in the world, I love some history world! North America, South America, Africa, Europe, East Asia, and the beautiful islands with biggest sea. I would be gladly to help you to get there, a group, or cruise, or single, or, have hostel group that which would save money to go travel.
To be sure, I always love to see Deaf Nation video that "No barriers with Joel Barish" host about his travel projects about the deaf community in the world.

For Hearing people, you are welcome to read about Deaf Nation stories or here no matter what, and I would like for you to support the deaf community in the world, for these learning education supports, and making living, with these own makers.

I am growing in my heart so biggest and exploded show that they actually "can" work with other hearing world, like own businesses like bakery, wooden maker, jewelries maker,  designer clothes in order, artist, and more that I can't count them all.

Deaf communities in the world don't allow themselves to turn very poor, and trying to looking another path to get in what they can do the work, for make living.

Like Americans, deaf people are more hardly time to success, it's slow processing. That's bad economy out there. We know well and trying to rebuild back to normal time. How long? Let's see.

I named new title "Travel to Go!" it would mean for you to read about travel information and contact, and history, etc. I will not take some pictures from the link that would not work on this blogger. But I will make copy a picture to show you and give you all through into a link. You can go traveling by yourself, or a small group.

Today, I read about Joel many times and an impressive that he travel with cameraman to show you this link: 

The website that you might like to go: