Tuesday, July 24, 2012

OOoo !! Glenwood Springs!!

Hello everyone!

Yes! I review many times about Glenwood Springs! It's in West from Denver, Colorado!
If you are planning to go to Las Vegas on I-70, that is where the Glenwood Springs Passing.
I recommanded you to stop and stay for one day and one night rest before you can head to LAS VEGAS to DeafNation World Expo!

The Glenwood Hotel, Hot Spring and Biggest Pool in America!!

OOoo !!! It's winter opening pool with heated pool! Did you went there before? Tell me about it!!
There are open during holidays, any open all season!

very quietly place with snow.

I  do recommand this place! I wish for deaaf group can do reteat  this relaxation/spa week someday.

The roughly price is $129 dollars a night. That is the Rocky Mountain and about 6,900 people lives there- and lots of campus to stay.

Sound fun? Here is the information.... http://www.hotspringspool.com/

I would go there if I were you!


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