Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Are you prepare for Canada?

Are you prepare for 

Don't worry about it. You can go to Canada, but warn you that they are not cheap. 
Like mine did in Montreal, the money is not the same and that's pound dollars that you don't know. 
Example, 7.99$ Can ($7.72 USD) a combo of McDonald's. $4.79 US a combo of McDonald's.  
When I need a gas and pump it up I see 139.$ pound as $2.79 (USD) with 20 dollars, it was still 3/4 gallon that would not enough. It would be fill up that would be 45$ pound Can. I usual to use gas with $3.29 gas it would be filled with $31 dollars. Canada has "ripped off" with 5% to 10% profit. 
If you want to exchange USD to Canada dollars, go to your bank and will not cost you- instead go there in Canada, they will cost you 5% to exchange the money from USD to Can dollars. 
Ripped off. 
I've lots of learning about exchange money between in USA and Canada business. WHOA. 
Be different, the people of Montreal are sometime not nicely. Because of that they are not share you, if my car battery went died, I trying to get some help, to the strangers to see if they would help... NO. They wont help. French Police can't HELP... HUH!? You better get AAA membership card in the case. Roughly. You can imaged that what if I call tow truck to aid me for start jumping, it would be 45$ Can it means $43 dollars. Called Taxi to see if they have battery machine, it would be cost me 25$ Can. ($23.20 USD)
In US, start jumping is sometime FREE, I re-checked my incorrect, in USA tow service is $50 dollars for start jumping. 

Go figures. 

In the museum, at Botanical Garden of Montreal cost 30$ Can ($29.00 USD) and 1967 Olympic Dome with Bio Zoo museum cost about 22$ Can ($19.33)

At the Old downtown of Montreal that I bought 25$ Can dollars for 3 shirts with 2.99$ for meg picture, total 33 dollars. 

Confuse money in Canada. Be careful. 

I suggest you to go Kahnawake where the PowWow lives, there are few bed and breakfast to sleep. It is VERY cheap and safe place to sleep and go. 75 dollars a room. My hotel in Montreal, is 139 dollars.   

If you interested to go Montreal Canada, I recommended you to go Kahnawake- under name Riverside Inn. His name is Ken Deer. He is sweetest person to deaf people!! He's very concerned about us last time. I appreciated him lots. 

Learn about in Kahnawake History. It's value to go there. 


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